Here’s a Peek-Our Android App!

If you haven’t already heard, Kidsemail has released an app for Android Devices.  Your child will be able to have the convenience of an app, the same amount of safety as the web based Kidsemail service, and some fun features to go along as well.  You can find the free app on either  Amazon or Google Play.

The new app has a drawing pad and a camera which allows the child to draw or take a picture and send it to any of the approved recipients.  It also has a track location history, which allows the parent to see where the child has been or is currently.

Below are some images of the new app.

device-2014-01-02-110136 device-2014-01-02-110346 device-2014-01-02-110549 device-2014-01-02-111021 device-2014-01-02-111309 device-2014-01-02-111440 device-2014-01-02-111530 device-2014-01-02-160611 device-2014-01-02-111141

With over 45,000 users, Kidsemail is a safe way for your child to learn how to email and communicate with approved contacts, making the parents in control and confident in their child’s safety.  The app makes it that much more portable and fun!

Try out Kidsemail free for 30 days! 

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