Kids can be Huge Helpers

Laundry-GirlI started working full time this past year.  After being a stay at home mom for 6 years the realization of all my responsibilities hit head on a couple months ago.  Not only my day job, but all of my responsibilities at home (making dinner, laundry for 6 people, cleaning all of the bathrooms, etc.) overwhelmed me.  I took on 100% of the household chores without thinking to ask for help.

But wait a minute.  I have 4 kids which equals 8 little hands.  Hmmmm.

I was raised in a house where we all did chores every Saturday.  Its just what we did.  Everyone had a job(s) to do and play time happened after all the chores were done.  So why had it taken me so long to ask my kids for help?

Kids can be huge helpers.  They love to show you how well they can accomplish a task, and even more so- they love to be responsible.  I hadn’t tapped into these needs yet, so I started to really look at what my kids could do to help out.

After a quick internet search on age appropriate chores I made a little list of daily and weekly jobs for each child.  I also decided to pay my kids for these new chores (although its NOT necessary to pay kids- I was never paid for chores) and then we got busy and started our new routine.

What has amazed me in these few months is that my children are very capable of handling their lists, and truth be told -possibly more!  They love the responsibility and they take pride in each job.  Everything from folding towels to cleaning the bathroom, each kid comes away with a smile on their face and a new skill in household maintenance.

I wish it hadn’t taken me so long in figuring these things out.  Not only do I need the help, but my kids aren’t going to learn these skills unless I put them to work.  Our household still has its messes, but with 8 little hands it gets done faster now than when I was doing it all.

Do your kids do chores? What ages are they and what do you have them help with?



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