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Many of us are still in the throes of winter, and for several more months unfortunately.  Staying positive during cloudy days, snowy days, and bone chilling temperature days can be a chore.  Not only are adults affected by winter blues but kids can get pretty down in the dumps as well.  There are many positive ways to try and kick the blues aside that kids might find kind of fun!



1.  Keep a gratitude journal.  Writing down small and simple positive things that happened throughout the day can really make a grey day seem brighter.  Anything from having your favorite juice in the morning to getting an A on a test- just small and simple things add up to huge attitude changers.


2.  Smile more.  Its really that simple.  Putting a smile on your face not only makes a person feel better but science has shown that a genuine smile increases positive mood and long term happiness.   Force negativity away with a frown turned upside down!


3.  Play a gratitude game.  This goes along with #1, but an entire family can get in on the action with this.   Everyone goes around saying what they are happy for at dinner, or everyone could write down a handful of ideas and the ideas get passed around- maybe try and guess who said what.  The ideas are limitless!


4.  Be nice to yourself.   We’ve all seen the images that plague the magazine stands and TV, not to mention the internet.  Its hard not to get down on yourself and the pressure to do so seems to be on the rise.  Changing a few words can make a HUGE difference.  Putting positive words in place of negative ones can be tough at first, but the more its done it will become second nature.  Encouraging kids to do this young can only benefit them as they get older.


5.  Keep positive people in your life.   Cutting ties with negative people might be painful, but it may be a life changer.  Teaching our kids to find those friends who build them up (and hopefully they do the same in return) and who bring out the best in them will bring true lasting friendships.


6.  Do things that bring you happiness.  No matter what that thing is, engaging in activities that we are good at or that make us happy can only brighten a negative mood.  Finger Painting, drawing, singing, playing sports, baking, cooking, cleaning, organizing, reading… there are so many activities we can do (our kids can do) to liven up any gloomy day.


7.  Helping others.  When we start to feel negative, a great way to pull us out of a slump is by helping others.  Kids can be super creative in this department!  Baking cookies for a neighbor, shoveling a walkway, dog walking, kitty sitting, or helping out a house bound senior citizen, volunteering at any local charity are great ways to see that our lives aren’t so bad!


8.  Throw a party for no reason.   Everyone likes a party, and a party celebrating NOTHING would make it even more fun!


9.  Don’t commit to things you hate doing.  Simple as that.  If you don’t HAVE to do it, DON’T!


10.  Its up to you.  Positivity is a mind set.  We have to train ourselves and our kids to be positive, because sometimes it just doesn’t come naturally.  Our happiness is up to us!


So, until the winter turns to spring and the days become warmer, use some of these tips to push negativity aside and build positive kids!

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