Review of Kids E-mail by a Homeschool Mom

We have been lucky to have several reviews done on Kids Email. In fact, you can see most of them by clicking here.

We recently had a review sent out to a HomeSchool group and I wanted to share with you a copy of that review. Many thanks to those that have such good things to say about us, and take time to do this!

We hope you enjoy this review:

“Since I have been doing this newsletter, I often find different companies that are offering different products for homeschoolers. I’ve tests some of them and told you a few. But this is definitely one of our favorites, mostly because of how secures it is. I can pre-program email addresses that she can email and I also be notified if someone new wants to email her. I have total control AND I have it so I can get a copy of what she is sending AND receiving. I really like it and she doesn’t know that I am monitoring her email. Here’s some other great reasons why I like it so much…

1. We have a lot of family that we don’t get to see, but we love to communicate with. Letter writing in my family is HUGE, but we’ve sort of exchanged letter writing for emailing. My parents LOVE emailing my daughter and she loves getting emails from them just as much. It’s a way that they can continue their relationship even when we don’t get to see them much.

2. Here’s my favorite part. As a part of our curriculum this year (4th grade), we end up writing lots and lots and working on etiquette for all letter formats. She really dislikes writing as a whole. A synonym she might use is the word HATE, which of course is a harsh word that she would most likely agree is the necessary synonym. So we sometimes use emailing to better our skills on writing etiquette. It works for us.  

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Features of KidsEmail

Several options and features are available to keep your child safe:

  • Allow child to only receive and send emails from those in their contact list
  • Email a copy of incoming and outgoing messages to the parent
  • Remove images within emails
  • Remove links within emails
  • Only allow specific attachment types such as: images, pictures, video, mp3s, zip, pdf, Word, Excel, Power Point, etc.
  • Allow a parent to approve or deny any email sent to your children via the mail queue
  • Filter out offensive words found in incoming emails
  • Spam filtering
  • Kids can modify the look and feel of their account by choosing from several fun templates
  • A simple mode for young children as well as an advance mode for slightly older kids




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