Cyber-bullying: The Truth Behind the Shocking New Internet Trends by Jacob Andersen

Technology dominates our everyday lives. It’s with us from the time we go to bed at night to the moment we wake, from cell phones to the internet where blogs, social networking and instant messaging are ‘on’ 24/7.

These advances in technology allow immediate access to information and the likelihood of your child being bullied significantly increases.

Cyber-bullying is the act of using the internet or other technology to send or post text images that are intended to intimate, harass or threaten another individual – usually between peers who go to the same school or live in the same neighborhood.

This type of communication has opened new doors for predators to cross. Statistics show that one million children have been cyber-bullied on social network sites alone according to a consumer report survey conducted in the US in early 2011.

Constant cyber-bullying can cause the victim to have an inability to focus on academics, low self esteem, anxiety, depression or even to commit suicide. The more frequent and severe the cyber-bullying, the greater the social impact on the victim putting them at risk of engaging in deviant or delinquent behaviors.

It is critical that parents, teachers and counselors educate themselves on intervention strategies and resources available to prevent and address cyber-bulling.

Cyber-bullying, The Truth Behind the Shocking New Internet Trends by Jacob Andersen, the founder of, addresses this need. The book provides the reader with effective strategies, safety measures, tools and resources and is now available for download on Amazon.


This book:
* Gives real-life examples of kids that are targets of cyber attacks.
* Addresses sexting, sexual soliciting, cyberbullying, and other forms of Internet danger
* Provides up-to-date data on the latest shocking Internet trends
* Contains quick references for kids, parents, and educators for both preventing and addressing cyberbullying and other Internet dangers.


It’s our responsibility as a society to look out for the social and psychological well-being of our children.


End bullying by empowering yourself with knowledge and be sure to read Cyberbulling, The Truth Behind the Shocking New Internet Trends.

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