Would you like to have a Safe Internet for your children to use? 1

The Internet has an awesome amount of information, however, it also contains material and websites that are not appropriate for children to view.  Let alone stumble upon it when they least expect it.

Here are some statistics you need to consider:

  1. The Kaiser Family Foundation found that among teens online, 70 percent have accidentally come across pornography on the Web (Kaiser Family Foundation).

  1. A study by the NOP Research Group found that of the four million children, aged seven to 17 who surf the net, 29% percent would freely give out their home address and 14% would freely give out their e-mail address if asked. (Telegraph.co.uk January 2002)

  1. Nine out of 10 children aged between eight and 16 have viewed pornography on the Internet. In most cases, the adult sites were accessed unintentionally when a child, often in the process of doing homework, used a seemingly innocent sounding word to search for information or pictures. (London School of Economics January 2002)


These statistics are very disturbing, and seriously affect our children’s well being.  Now, would you like to have an Internet that is Safe for your children to use?  You could go about your house work and get your business done without worrying about what websites your children are viewing.  This would take a huge burden off your shoulders.  Want to know how to achieve this?

Actually it is really easy and affordable by simply installing “My Kids Browser”.  This program will protect your children against pornography, predators and other Internet dangers, even if you can’t be there to monitor them.  My Kids Browser is different than other filtering programs because it will only let them access clean websites.  If you would like to add a website to your child’s “white list” you can.  Then the website will be checked out by the program and you will be advised of any risks.

The My Kids Browser has many great features, such as turning off the print feature so that you kids don’t print every picture they see on the internet.  In addition, you can set the amount of time they can use the computer.  Once that limit is reached, the browser will shutdown.  This should eliminate a lot of arguments you may be experiencing right now.

Here are some more of the many features that are included in My Kids Browser:

·  Protects your children every second they’re on the internet!
·  Web-page analyzer that analyzes any page you add to their list.
·  Desktop lockdown that allows you to prohibit children from using Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc so that they only use the Kid Safe Internet Browser. (For Windows 2000, XP, & Vista)
·  History area that lets you see where your kids have been (they will only have access to SAFE areas)
·  Helps children learn and practice math, English, and science
·  Sandbox area for kids to play almost unlimited games.

· Full featured web browser
· Password-protected Parental Admin area
· Unlimited updates / auto-update checker
· Keeps children safer than by using only filtered internet
· Pop-up blocker (configurable)
· Enable / Disable the printer and search bar
· View how long your children have used the internet per day.

The My Kids Browser program offers a Free Trial so you can use it before you actually purchase it.  To find out more information about the this program and to check out all of the features, please visit:


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One thought on “Would you like to have a Safe Internet for your children to use?

  • FWT

    Working with children on a daily basis and raising three children of my own, I constantly experience first hand how vulnerable and susceptible children can be to the dangers of the internet. Don’t miss understand, the internet is a great tool and can be used in many positive ways however, without some restrictions children can find themselves in difficult situations.

    As a parent, the opportunity to acquire a safe tool that would enable my children to surf the web even more safely is always an option. I don’t think that many parents are aware of the tools available. It isn’t common knowledge so getting the word out is very important!