CyberBullying Can Happen To Anyone ~ The X Factor Incident

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Recently, we have seen news reports on how some of the X-Factor contestants were the object of CyberBullying.  This just goes to show that CyberBullying can happen to anyone.  Be it your average Child in your hometown, your own children, or someone who is in the News.The most important thing that a parent can do to protect their child is to keep the lines of communication open.  Just sit down and have an open and honest discussion with your child about CyberBullying.

You could even use the X-Factor CyberBullying information as a way to approach the subject with your children.  It is always easier to open up a conversation when it’s somebody else you are talking about.  This will put the child at ease while you try to find out if there are any problems they are currently dealing with.

Ask them if they are aware of  CyberBullying and if this has ever happened to them.  This may encourage your children to tell you if they have been or are currently being harassed.  If your children admit to being CyberBullied, take action immediately.  Don’t ignore the situation thinking that it will blow over because this type of behavior more times than not can escalate quickly.

Remember just how fast the internet can deliver emails, Facebook posts, and tweets on Twitter.  If there is any type of CyberBullying behavior being directed to your children, do whatever it takes to stop it.

Each Website has a report or abuse button that you can use to report CyberBullying activity.  Also, you can notify the school principal of the situation so they can let the teachers know what is happening and take measures to protect your child.

For more information about how to handle CyberBullying and the articles about the X Factor contestants please visit:

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