Keeping Kids Safe From Online Predators

According to a study done by Dateline in 2006, law enforcement officials say that there are nearly 50,000 sexual predators online at any given moment. Doesn’t sound like a good place for your children to spend time does it? It is a pretty risky thing to send them online in today’s world, yet if the proper action is taken in obtaining knowledge about how to stay clear of unwanted material and internet relationships your children can have fun and be safe while surfing the web.

The greatest thing that a parent can do for their child in regards to keeping them safe online, is to create an environment for them to use the internet that makes it easy for them to stay away from bad sites, and bad people. Utilize internet filters and blocks so that no unwanted material can be easily obtained. Next put your computer into the family room, or in an area where everyone can see what is being viewed at all times. Be nosy when it comes to relationships your children have via the internet, especially on social networks like myspace and facebook. You should know all of your children’s passwords to their favorite sites, and check up on them regularly. Always know who your child is communicating with online and what they talk about.

Internet predators will most often talk to younger children and gain their trust before doing anything out of the ordinary. According to a study done by the FBI, they will spend large amounts of time, money, and energy to become a part of your child’s life. As parents the best way to make sure your children do not become involved with bad people, is to talk to them regularly about their friends and people they know. Pay particularly close attention to the people that they have met only online. Check up on who your child has been talking to and what about. Sexual predators will often slowly try to engage children into sexually explicit material via instant messages and especially email. That is where can help.

Sharing an email with your young children is vital in keeping them safe from bad people. If you can see and control who sends your child information and what kind of information is being sent, then you are definitely doing them a huge favor in keeping them safe online. allows you to do just that. The internet is a vital thing in today’s world. It connects the us all, and it is essential for your children to know how to use it and take advantage of it. They can learn a lot and also have fun while learning to use this essential tool. Let help you keep them safe.

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