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Kidsemail would like to wish you a splendid 4th of July! Enjoy the day celebrating our country and all that we have!

Happy 4th of July

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It’s time for a Giveaway thanks to KidsEmail! Enter to win $50 Amazon Gift Card to use this summer to get something fun for your kids! If you connect with us on Social Media you get extra entries, we look forward to connecting with you!  

Kids Email Giveaway

safety contract
If your kids are connected online and/or via social media, its a good idea to sit down with them and discuss online safety and how to interact online.  Having a contract of sorts is a great way for both you and your kids to be aware of the rules and […]

Internet Safety Contract

The website www.onguardonline.gov is a collaboration between the federal government and the technology industry. The purpose is to each you how to safely surf the Internet. The site has some tips for parents who want to monitor their children. They include: * Check out sites your kids visit, and see […]

Onguard Online

Writing an e-mail is a great way to keep in touch with a friend or family! Here we show you the parts of an e-mail to help you get started:   A. Salutation: Always start and end your e-mail with a salutation. Start e-mails with words like “Hi” or “Dear” B. […]

How to Write an E-mail

“If you really loved me…” That is what led twelve year old Michaela Snyder to engage in sexting with her crush who was also in the same grade. The boy was issuing threats that he would end the relationship if she didn’t send him intimate pictures. After talking with her peers and […]

Starting the Conversation- Sexting and Your Teen. Guest Post ...

Summer Bucket List
A summer bucket list is a must have for anyone with kids still at home. Use our list or create one yourself! Have fun with it and be creative- and ENJOY the summer!

Summer Bucket List

Summer is upon us. It’s time for kids to take a break from school, and cross things off their summer bucket list. It’s also a great time for kids to learn some new skills and try to make some extra money. Our friends at Biz Whiz Academy have some great […]

Summer Jobs for Kids

KidsEmail is now pre-loaded on all Kurio Extreme tablets! We have loved working with Kurio and it’s users. Kurio users have loved having a way for their kids connect to family and friends and love knowing that they are being safe while using KidsEmail on the tablet.   “The Kurio […]

Email App Available on Kurio