The Bully Mom- Its Just Not Kids Stuff

I have a friend who’s daughter has a physical disability.  This little toddler  has made incredible strides in overcoming her physical limitations- only she’s not limited, she’s a firecracker with an enormous personality.  And did I mention how cute she is? Talk about the cutest toe-head blonde you’ve ever seen.

You see, this mom and this daughter have dealt with bullies, maybe the kind that come to mind- the kids who stare or laugh or point.  Yes.  Its happened and it will continue to happen as this child grows and starts school and continues on with her life.  But this mom and daughter have also dealt with mean moms.  Malicious moms at the soccer game sitting in the bleachers, laughing at her daughter.

Its true that kids can be mean.  Its also true that moms can be even meaner.

Being a mom today is a daunting task.  We’re all just trying to do our best with our own circumstances while putting our best face forward.  We’re expected to be cooking the perfect meal from organic produce, while breastfeeding each child and simultaneously taking the older kids to ballet/soccer/piano lessons while keeping a perfect figure because we’re supposed to look thin and chiseled, dress like a super model and have a spotless house.  Society has done women and moms a huge disservice by upping the standards of perfection through media. But it seems we moms are trying to hold other moms accountable to these intangible standards as well- and letting them know when they fall short.

We are a new generation of moms trying to be perfect online and IRL.  Its tough!

Moms tend to be jealous of each other online and IRL.  We see others’ accomplishments and wish they were our own.  We see our friends and their smart and/or athletic kids achieving things our own kids won’t or can’t accomplish.   Today’s modern mom faces competition with the very gals who we should be supporting- other moms.

Mean moms show up in PTA meetings, on the soccer field, in band practice, on your FB feed, and judging you in an Instagram photo.  So how do we deal with a malicious mom and protect ourselves?

bully moms

Call her out.  You don’t have to get mean yourself, but letting a bully know you don’t appreciate their behavior towards you sets clear boundaries.

Control your social media settings.  If someone’s harassing you online through social media/blogging reset your settings.  Block them, report them, unfriend them, and set your blogging comments to “moderate.”

Take a breather.  If you receive an inappropriate comment or see something that bothers you online its best to unplug before you respond.  Take a walk, read to your kids, or count to ten.  Giving yourself some space before you reply (if you really need to) can make you more rationale. Or just delete the comment.  Pick your battles wisely.

Be careful not to air your dirty laundry.  Its fine to vent, we all do it and need to every once in awhile to stay sane.  But doing it constantly can send negative messages.  Never post anything that can haunt you later and always double check your posts before posting.


In the case of my friend, standing up to the mean moms can be a tricky situation, especially if its affecting your kids.  Use these moments as teaching tools to show your kids that the bully behavior is unacceptable and it hurts to be a victim.  We’re all trying to do our best, living each day and raising our kids the best we know how.  We moms need to raise each other up and stop putting each other down.  Be the example and start a positive movement all around you- putting a stop to the mean mom behavior.

Read more articles on the subject below.

Email for kids! Allow your children to use technology and be safe. Sign up for a free trial today: 

Email for kids! Allow your children to use technology and be safe. Sign up for a free trial today: 

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Doing Random Acts of Kindness. Everyone Loves it.

Its February.  While being the shortest month of the year, it can also drag on and on.

The holiday’s are long gone by now but the winter weather seems to be never ending!

How do we survive these next several months until the weather starts to look up and we can enjoy the warmer weather?

Well today is National Random Acts of Kindness Day!!!! Doing something for someone else can brighten your day AND someone else’s.

If you have kids they’ll love doing this!  And if not you’ll love doing this.  Everyone does!



Here are a few suggestions to get your brains thinking of some on your own.  Try them out and make someones day so much better.

1.  Pay for someone’s coffee or meal- without them knowing.

2.  Bring treats into work.

3.  Send a card to a loved one for no particular reason.

4.  Give up your bus seat or a great parking spot to a stranger.

5.  Tape an un popped microwave popcorn bag on a RedBox for the next customer.

6.  Tip your server better than normal.

7.  Give a stranger a compliment.

8. Smile!

9.  Buy a meal for a homeless person.

10.  Send your child to school with flowers for their teacher.

Hopefully you can use some of these ideas, or maybe they triggered some creative ones of your own.

Make this month all about kindness.  Do one everyday!  It’ll make your day so much brighter.


Here is a link to more “Random Acts of Kindness” ideas. 

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Feel the Love

Its the Month of Love, and KidsEmail is sure hoping you are feeling loved!


We are huge fans of Pinterest, but honestly, who isn’t?  Here’s a link up to some fun pins we’ve pinned and wanted to share with you.  So whether you’re doing projects for yourself, your loved ones, or just because, we hope you find something useful.


Happy Valentines Day!XOXO


Heart and Bottle Display

Heart Thumbprint Necklaces 

50 Valentine Sayings

Valentines Kisses 

Fun Food Ideas. 

Email for kids! Allow your children to use technology and be safe. Sign up for a free trial today: 

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VISR- the App that Protects Your Social Media Connected Kids

If your child is on social media, you understand how challenging it is to keep up with their accounts.  Making sure there isn’t anything inappropriate being posted, cyber bullying, or maybe being on social media for too long.  As parents, how do we keep up with it all?  Everything from Instagram to Facebook, its nearly impossible to manage and safeguard our own accounts, let alone our kids.’

Well, consider the problem solved.  VISR is an app which connects to your kids’ social accounts and notifies you of potential threats and problematic behavior. This works for all devices, and parents can access alerts anytime from any device or computer.

VISR  monitors a child’s account and watches for things like bullying, nudity, unsafe followers, and excessive time spent on social media.


Watch the video below for more details.


Here at KidsEmail, we strive to protect your kids through email.  When great companies come along to take care of other concerns, we are so excited to share them with you!

Exclusive for Kids Email users: You can now try out this exciting new app for FREE by using this link: or by entering access code:kmail at

Let us know what you think of VISR!  Leave your feedback in the comments below.

Email for kids! Allow your children to use technology and be safe. Sign up for a free trial today: 

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Data Privacy Day

January 28 is Data Privacy Day, where the focus is “Respecting Privacy, Safeguarding Data and Enabling Trust.”


There are a few easy ways to get involved- starting with some basic privacy tips.

1.  Online golden rule- post only about others as you’d want posted about you.

2.  What you post will last a lifetime.  It cannot be undone.

3.  Own your online presence- tighten those privacy settings and limit who you share information with.

4.  Be aware of what you share online- make sure what you share (text, video, image) do not share too much information about yourself or anyone else.

Read more here. 

Be sure to check out the links below and share them!

~Discuss Privacy with your kids and your family.

~ Promote Data Privacy Day.

~Share on Social Media





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Smart Phone Etiquette- 10 Essential Rules To Live By

I remember being taught at a very young age how to behave on the phone.  Way way way back then before cell phones, I was taught answer the phone with a simple “hello” and then listen to what the caller had to say.  Then I’d say things like “just a moment, ”  “can you please hang on,” and then end the conversation with “goodbye.”  There were rules established that I wan’t allowed to say I was home alone and there were definitely times during the day that were more appropriate to have a phone conversation.

Oh my have things have changed.

Smart phones are everywhere now.  Everyone has them- even kids!  I would have loved to have had my own phone growing up.  And a T.V. But that’s another post entirely.


I wonder-  has phone etiquette disappeared with technology?  Maybe just a bit. How can we get back to being more personal through our devices?

Here are 10 easy rules to bring back phone etiquette and become more personal.

1. Respect the Living- be present in real life face to face conversations.  Texting while having a personal conversation is rude and it tells the other person they don’t matter as much as the text.  Be considerate.  Be present.

2. Never call or text while driving- I think we’ve all seen the PSA about texting while driving.  A text or call can wait until the car is pulled over.  Its just not worth the risk.

3. Keep phone conversations private.- no one wants to listen to the latest drama in the grocery store or hear a business deal in a movie theater.  If the call has to be taken, excuse yourself and leave the area.

4. Answer a text in a timely manner- If you can’t answer back, don’t forget to!  Let the person know you’ll respond to them and do so.

5.  Use spell check- the excuse of “sorry, I have big thumbs” is just a sorry excuse.  We have spell check, so slow down while typing and use the spell check.

6.  Keep your messages short- if leaving a voice-mail, just leave necessary information and keep it simple.

7.  Leaving someone on a drawn out hold- If you say “hold on for a second,” keep it just as that.  Our time is precious and we’re all busy.

8.  Its okay to unplug- be present in life, and life away from social media or texting.  Its okay to get bored once in awhile, it gives us time to think about our day, make plans, or maybe read a book (remember those?).

9. Enjoy your own music- keep it turned down and to yourself.  One of the rudest things to do is play music in a public place for all to hear.

10.  Only document things worth documenting- we over share EVERYTHING.  Its okay to enjoy a meal without taking a picture, or to play with kids without the video camera, or think you look pretty good without taking a selfie.


Smartphone etiquette

Using good phone manners is just common courtesy.  Its time to get back to basics and display some manners, and hopefully, teach the next generation the same.

Email for kids! Allow your children to use technology and be safe. Sign up for a free trial today: 



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You Started Your KidsEmail Account- Now What? Some Easy Tips to Keep Your Account Active

Whatever the reason for doing so, you’ve just started your kids’ email account with KidsEmail.  Congratulations!!!!  We hope you find our service easy to understand and maneuver, and if you have any questions at all feel free to contact us!

We want your kids to stay safe through email, and being the #1 safest kids email service we understand that you, as a parent, trust us to do all we can on our side to make that happen.  Again, thank you for choosing us!

Now that you have your account set up, its time to get those emails sent!  There’s no need to have an unused account for your child, so below are some easy ideas on how to keep your kids active on their email account!



kidsemail account active


1.  Email loved ones!  In the parental controls under “manage contacts” you’re able to add or delete contacts of your choosing.  So get adding!  My kids love emailing their favorite aunt and send her a message at least once a week.  Have your kids email grandma or grandpa as well.

2.  Start an email story.  While your kids are sending out emails,  have them start a one line story that they continue with each email.  Or have the recipient add on to the story too.  Keep the story going!

3.  With our new app your kids can draw a picture on our drawing pad and send it!  Have your kids send a picture they’ve drawn  to each other.

4.  School updates.  Have your kids email their loved ones with school grades, performances, or exciting things that happen to them every day on the playground.  Have your kids share their grades and accomplishments!  Bragging rights are great for email subjects.

5.  Get to know loved ones.  Have your kids ask questions that maybe they wouldn’t in person.  Here is a great list of 50 questions to get started with! 

6.  Start an email book review.  If your child is a reader and loves books, have them start a book review with one of their contacts.  Once they’ve finished reading a book some ideas on things to discuss would be-  writing about what they liked/disliked, what they learned, their favorite part of the book, if the book would make a good movie, and if they’d recommend the book for anyone else to read.

7. Discuss movies!  Same idea as #6 only with a movie.

8.  Start a pen pal.  Do you remember doing this in school?  Email makes it so much easier now!  I have a friend who lives 2 states away and she has kids the same ages as mine.  We’ve gotten our kids to correspond with each other and they’ve had a blast getting to know these other kids.  Of course only do this with people you trust!  Remember to check out in the KidsEmail parental controls- mail monitoring and mail queue.  

9.  Try to keep the conversation going.  If you find your child in an email lull, its okay!  Try to spark some interest by sending them emails or your own with words of encouragement, weekend plans, fun reading suggestions, or whatever else comes to mind.

We know you’ll find countless ways to use KidsEmail and we know your kids will love sending and receiving messages.  Again, thank you for choosing KidsEmail!


Email for kids! Allow your children to use technology and stay safe at the same time. Sign up for a free trial today:

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Join Today! Its Time to Give Your Kids the Safest Email Out There.

Kidsemail2As we recover from post holiday stress one thing’s certain- getting back into the regular day to day  is a welcome relief.

This year my husband and I finally got on board and got our kids their own tablets for Christmas.  I’ve been reluctant to do this for several reasons.  I wanted to make sure my kids were old enough to take care of a device- like a tablet, understand the rules we set, and be able to use it without me standing over their shoulder the entire time.  Well, this year we felt they met all of these pre requisites and made Christmas morning very techie.

As my husband and I set up the tablets with parental controls, apps, and passwords- we also set up their first email accounts. Of course we used Kidsemail and are so happy we did.

Kidsemail is the safest and most secure email designed just for kids.  I know I can trust what my kids read in their inbox, making the decision to give my kids a smart device easier.

If your kids got their first tablet, computer, or smart phone this year for the holidays, or have one already, make sure they’re using Kidsemail.  Keep them safe from unwanted images, words, and contacts.  Kidsemail protects kids while giving them their freedom, which is something every parent and child wants!



Email for kids! Allow your children to use technology and be safe. Sign up for a free trial today: 

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8 Ways to Use Your New Gadgets Safely

8 Ways to Use Your New Gadgets Safely & Securely
from KidsEmail- a STOP. THINK. CONNECT. partner

Smartphone etiquette

Did you gift a new smartphone, tablet, or gaming device as a gift this holiday season?

One of the reasons these devices are so popular is because of their portability and accessibility. But it’s important to remember that despite their convenient size and sleek packaging, these gadgets are just as powerful and connected as any laptop – which also makes them just as vulnerable to malware.

Here are 8 ways to ensure your loved ones use their new gifts safely- all year-round:

  • Keep a clean machine: All Internet-enabled devices need protection from malware and other threats. Before you start playing, make sure your devices are up-to-date with the latest software and operating system, web browsers and apps and anti-virus protection.
  • Think before you app: Read the privacy policy and user reviews before you download an app to understand what data (location, photos, contacts, etc.) the app can access on your device. Some games that are free for the initial download may contain hidden costs or pay-to-play features. Remember to always download apps from trusted marketplaces, like iTunes or Google Play.
  • Activate parental controls: Parental controls are a great way to be proactive about your child’s activities online.  When enabling parental controls, use age-appropriate settings to filter, monitor and block your child’s activities.
  • Protect your child’s privacy: Many online and video games allow players to speak or even video chat with one another. Kids should know that they shouldn’t share personal information with others, even people they think they can trust. In this case, personal information extends beyond the basics (home address, birthdate, email, real name, etc.) and kids should know not to share personal details like where they go to school, where their parents work or their weekend plans. Make sure your child’s username does not reveal their full name, location, gender, age, or any other personal information. (Examples of good usernames: Gamer2013 or Lizard12). If an avatar or profile image is an option, make sure your kids use something other than a photo of themselves.
  • Ask questions and talk to the experts: If you are giving a video game or gaming console as a gift, video game store employees and other parents can be valuable resources for guidance. Game review websites often have photos and videos to help a parent get acquainted with content and age-appropriate material. Learn more at:
  • Monitor downloads:  Don’t let your child download anything without your permission. This includes cheat programs that may claim to help your child advance levels in the game, but could really be carrying malware.
  • Report cyberbullying:  Online games are your child’s virtual playground, and bullies exist on the Internet – just as they do on an actual playground. Talk to your kids about their online gameplay and make sure they know who to talk to if they encounter a bully, online or off.  Do your part by reporting misbehavers to a game publisher or its online community moderator.
  • Be mindful of remote connectivity:  It’s a good idea to disconnect your devices from Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when not in use.

For more online safety tips, visit STOP. THINK. CONNECT. :



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Is Your Child Getting the Rest They Need?


Sleep Infographic (1)



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