**Giveaway Time!**

We have an amazing giveaway!  Remember this post about our Young Author Competition? 

Well, we had a winner!

Congratulations to Abigayle Commisso- the winner of our Young Author competition.  She wrote The Brown Blur, a story about a boy named Gabe and his superhero dog, illustrated by Joseba Morales.




We are so proud of Miss Abigayle for writing such an adorable story.  Way to go!  Hopefully you have many more stories to come.

Kidsemail would like to share this story with you, so its time for a giveaway! 5 Winners will be mailed their very own copy of The Brown Blur!

Here are the rules… in the comment section below please leave a comment about your favorite children’s book.  Enter as many times as you want, and don’t forget to share on FB and Twitter!



Click here to view this promotion.

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Top Apps for Moms

Kids are all about our devices.  Its what keeps them entertained while grocery shopping, going for a long drive, or to avoid fighting with siblings.  Most moms who have smart devices use it to bribe and maybe. just maybe, get the child to hold still for a small cat nap. (shhh- its fine we ALL do it).

Not only are those tablets and phones used to keep the kids at bay, we need them in our lives to keep us scheduled and organized.  What did we ever do without them?

Here is a small list of some mom approved apps.enhanced-buzz-18768-1389749880-4

Kids can play games and learn at the same time with this PBS Kids app.  Its the best of both worlds!  This is a free app.


Need access to symptoms fast?  As Moms we like to know if that bump or bruise or rash is something to watch or something for a doctor to look at.  And its FREE!


Stay organized and up to date with the daily to do’s.  Cozi is an easy and free app thats a convenient way to do just that- stay organized!


Challenge your kids with a new movie everyday that quiz’s them in the end.  This app is free, or there is a varied access subscription plan as well.


Last but not least… moms can have control over who their child can and can’t contact via email.  This app also has tracking, a drawing board and most importantly- IT’S SAFE!

There are so many great apps out there that make our lives easier and our kids entertained.  So go enjoy those devices and start downloading mom approved apps!

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Partnership with STOP.THINK.CONNECT.

Kidsemail is now a partner with STOP.THINK.CONNECT., which is a campaign for global cybersecurity awareness.  This is a positive step into helping create a safer environment for our children and their involvement with the internet.


STOP.THINK.CONNECT. has 3 main objectives.

  • STOP- Before you use the Internet, take time to understand the risks and learn how to spot potential problems.


  • THINK: Take a moment to be certain the path ahead is clear. Watch for warning signs and consider how your actions online could impact your safety, or your family’s.


  • CONNECT: Enjoy the Internet with greater confidence, knowing you’ve taken the right steps to safeguard yourself and your computer.

Kidsemail is very excited to partner with such a great campaign, educating our children about online safety.  Please read more about the partnership in the Press Release link below.


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My Child Is A Bully!




The statistics are staggering.  1 in 7 kids are either a bully or being bullied (according to MBNBD ) and no parent wants to hear the words “your child is a bully” but, unfortunately, some of us hear those words.  What do we do from there?  Where do we start?

The good news is your child is not broken, but the behavior does need to change.  Some simple steps can help you and your child overcome the issue and move forward in a positive way.

  • Set an example of showing respect, empathy, and compassion.  Its difficult for kids to understand how others feel so showing them through example can be an important step into gaining an appreciation for others and the feelings of those around us.
  • Be an active parent.  Know who your child is friends with and what kind of activities they do.  Be involved in your child’s life and listen to them and their side of the story.  They have fears and concerns too and validating those can be very helpful in gaining control over a bullying issue.
  • Have very clear expectations and consequences and follow through.  The child should know exactly what will happen if they bully and that there is never any tolerance for such behavior.
  • Teach positive ways to reduce anger or tension.  These can be as simple as a time out on their bed, playing ball outside, or screaming into a pillow- anything other than bullying. Reducing any kind of violence in the home via television or video games can help tremendously.
  • Give positive encouragement.  This behavior may take some time to change and staying positive will be more receptive than punishment.
  • Have your child make amends for their act.  Apologize, send emails, have a conflict mediator present, or whatever actions need to be made to make the situation right.
  • Seek professional help.  Sometimes the issue is bigger than a parent can handle alone.  There is never any shame in seeking help from the child’s doctor, principle, teacher, or a bullying prevention class.

Keeping our kids accountable for their actions and listening to their concerns while having a positive outlook can help with bullying.  But, if the situation needs an intervention with a professional in order for the situation to be resolved, then act now.  Bullying is not a light matter, but it can get better.




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Here’s a Peek-Our Android App!

If you haven’t already heard, Kidsemail has released an app for Android Devices.  Your child will be able to have the convenience of an app, the same amount of safety as the web based Kidsemail service, and some fun features to go along as well.  You can find the free app on either  Amazon or Google Play.

The new app has a drawing pad and a camera which allows the child to draw or take a picture and send it to any of the approved recipients.  It also has a track location history, which allows the parent to see where the child has been or is currently.

Below are some images of the new app.

device-2014-01-02-110136 device-2014-01-02-110346 device-2014-01-02-110549 device-2014-01-02-111021 device-2014-01-02-111309 device-2014-01-02-111440 device-2014-01-02-111530 device-2014-01-02-160611 device-2014-01-02-111141

With over 45,000 users, Kidsemail is a safe way for your child to learn how to email and communicate with approved contacts, making the parents in control and confident in their child’s safety.  The app makes it that much more portable and fun!

Try out Kidsemail free for 30 days! 

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Keeping Kids Safe Online- Parents To Do for Social Media

The time has come.  Your child wants to open a social media account.  What now?  Grab their hand and start this rite of passage together.


First things first, do we understand how to use these social media sites?  As parents we need to educate ourselves on the ins and outs of social media.  What kinds are there?  How is each one navigated?  Is there an ability to send personal messages?  Video chat?  Chat?  Who can and can’t see my child’s profile? And on it goes.

There are a number of social media sites and each one has it own unique flare. Learning how to use and navigate around each one is key to keeping our kids safe on each individual site.

Decide which form of social media outlet works best for your child’s needs, then set some ground rules.

Some rules may include (but aren’t limited to)…

1.  Time allotted for social media.

2.  Parents must have the password.  This should not be up for debate.

3. Make sure the followers/friends are REAL people, and that they are people you know personally.

4. Parents must have access to to all “friends/followers” and be “friends and followers” with the child.  This allows the parent to have access to what is being shown via posts, video, and pictures.

5.  Keep all personal information private.  There is no reason to post phone numbers, addresses, or anything else deemed private.

6.  Be very careful of what is posted personally.  Even if we think no one is reading or watching what we may post, they are.

7.  Never “check-in.” This allows people to know exact location.

8.  Don’t be afraid to use the report button.  Its there for a reason.  And if a post is being used for bullying or harassment-  it must be brought to the attention of the parent and a copy needs to be made.

9. The password is not to be shared with friends.

10.  If ever unsure- ask!  Communication between parent and child is the only sure way to gain trust.



There are predators everywhere, like monsters hiding under the bed.   Taking time to make sure the ground rules are understood and proper precautions are in place can make all the difference.  



So parents… Get involved.  Take time.  Set rules. This will make the transition to social media a better experience.

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Just reached over 45,000 users!

A Press release was released today regarding Kidsemail reaching over 45,000 users.

~Click on the image below to read the full release. ~



Kidsemail not only has mobile apps, its also received several awards in the safety and wellbeing of children.

Congrats Kidsemail!  And feel free to try it out free for 30 days!

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Catch a Leprechaun

The Leprechaun is a smart and tricky little guy.  He’s a bearded old man who likes to sport green clothing and smoke a pipe.  He’s a prankster and can have quite the attitude- sometimes being your best friend and then the next minute your worst enemy.  These wee men are great shoe makers too.  But try to catch one!  If you do, consider yourself lucky.  These elfin men may just leave you with a pile of golden coins.


A fun activity for St. Patrick’s Day would be to try and catch a leprechaun.  Use various objects around the house like paper, paper towel rolls, shoe boxes, tape, glue, string… upcycle and be creative!


Here is a link to some VERY fun ideas to get those creative juices flowing.


Get those thinking caps going and go trap a leprechaun!  Have a fun and safe St. Patrick’s Day!


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Helping Siblings Get Along




If you have more than one child, you know that siblings don’t always get along. In fact, it is very normal for siblings to not always live in perfect harmony. Here are some simple suggestions on limiting any conflict that may arise.

  • Give your children a chance to solve their own disagreements. Instead of stepping in as soon as they start fighting, you might just stay nearby in case things get out of hand. Learning cooperation and problem-solving is an important life skill, and best taught to work problems out with sibling
  • Catch your children at good moments. If you notice your children are behaving nicely towards each other, point it out. Example: “I love how nicely you’ve been talking to each other all morning.”
  • If children are fighting over something, try offering choices. For Example: “Do you want to share the toy cars, or would you rather divide them up?”
  • Show your children to support each other’s interests. This will encourage your children to appreciate each other despite their differences.
  • Don’t compare your children to one another. If you make comparisons it can generate sibling rivalry and fights as your children will try to compete for your attention and approval.
  • Teach your children how to listen to each other. When they can understand why and how their actions affected their sibling, it may help them realize why a particular action was inappropriate. 

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Mail Us a Postcard – Giveaway to win $$



We just moved into a bigger office!

So that means we have a new address and it also means we aren’t getting mail yet. Our new mailbox is very lonely, so we thought it would be fun to do a different kind of Giveaway.

All you need to do is mail Kidsemail.org a postcard to our new address to be entered.  4 Lucky people will be chosen to get a $10 Gift Card to Amazon.com PLUS you’ll make our staff very happy! To enter you must:

  • Mail a postcard to KidsEmail.org, our address is: 223 West Center Street Ste. 104, Shelley Idaho 83274
  • List a reason why you like KidsEmail.org
  • Make sure to include a note of your e-mail address on your postcard so I can contact you if you win.
  • Postcards must be mailed before Monday, March 10th to be considered.

Winners will be contacted via e-mail. If e-mail or contact information isn’t on the postcard, pictures of the postcards will be placed on our Facebook page to claim. Good Luck, we can’t wait to start getting some mail!

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