Bully Prevention Month

October is Bully Prevention Month. Kids Email will be posting all month long on the importance of putting a stop to this dangerous epidemic.

At the bottom of this page we would encourage you to print off the pledge, sign it, and live it.

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I pledge to help stop bullying by1.  Not (1)

Print our Pledge and have everyone in your family sign it.  Take bullying seriously.  With your help the abuse can stop.




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Green with Envy. Why is Social Media Causing Us to be so Jealous?

You’ve just read another post about how happy she is.

Oh look.  She went on another vacation.

He just got a new house.

They just bought a new car.

We’ve all read those posts on social media where life seems prefect.  Life looks so perfect peering into the lives of our Facebook friends.  Why can’t we have that?  Why can’t I have that perfect vacation?  Why why why?



Green with envy



One study out of  Germany says that  having an active social media interaction can cause jealousy.

Green with envy 2



Since the dawn of online socializing we’ve been putting our best faces forward.  Maybe over exaggerating the positive making our lives seem much more interesting.  What we should realize while looking at our social media accounts is that everyone else is making their lives much more interesting as well.

Take a break from social media.  Maybe limit yourself to maybe a 1/2 hour every day, then walk away.

Try to realize that most people only post the really really good or the really really bad.  The social media persona that’s presented is just a PART of the person- not the entire package.

Photos can be edited and can be done very well.  What you see isn’t always what’s really going on.

Real life friendships are much more worthy of our emotions than a “friend” on FB.  Ask yourself how good of a “friend” you are with the FB friends on your feed.  Hide or delete those who are obnoxious and try cultivate your real life friendships.

In the end, whatever avenue of social media you prefer, we’re all just putting our best face forward.   Keeping up with the Jones’  has been a part of the human experience way before the first Tweet-but keeping the green eyed jealously bug in check can keep our online interaction with others in better balance.




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Fall Bucket List

Fall is in the air and with the change of season comes Halloween, pumpkins, and sweater weather.  Make fall fun with a bucket list.  Copy ours or create your own.  Cross off each item as you complete them and have a great fall!!!!!!



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Teens and Stress in the Digital Era

This current generation of teens are dealing with an entirely new form of stress.  While every teen has dealt with stress since the modernization of society, like what to wear, who to hang out with, gossip, dating, juggling extra curricular activities, jobs, etc., today’s teen now has to deal with digital stress.

There are several factors in dealing with digital stress.  Almost every teen has a phone- estimates up to 78%, and a social media profile of all connected kids reaches up to 81%.




Digital stress can come in many forms.  Before giving any teen a phone or a smart phone, consider the following..

*Identity Theft.  We tend to think of this in terms of credit cards, but identity theft can affect your teen.  Keeping our digital footprint secure can prevent others from easy access to our social media lives.  Impersonating us through our smart devices can cause immediate and long term damage.  With a few precautions this can be avoided.

*Never share passwords with anyone, best friends or siblings included. The user and a parent should be the only ones who know     the password.

* Keep track of privacy settings, especially regarding images.   Update these settings often.

*  Be aware of your environment while entering a password.  Make sure no one is watching.

*  Cyber bullying is a great cause for concern.  An open line of communication is mandatory for your teen to be safer online.  Make sure your teen knows how to “block” certain people and set specific guidelines for whats acceptable to post and text.  Make sure the teen knows to report inappropriate interactions to an adult.

*  Show moderation.  When your teens phone buzzes with a new incoming message it doesn’t need to be responded to immediately.  Let them know there are times to put the phone and computer away and take a break, especially at night.   The email or text or post will be there in the morning and can be taken care of at an appropriate time.

*  Be an example.  If a parent is setting rules for their teen, they should follow similar rules.  Make sure to show moderation in digital use and be open for communication.

Being a teen is one of the hardest things we go through.  Kids need guidelines, and more so now in this digital age. Lowering the stress level digitally will help them focus on more important tasks.

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Staysafeonline and Kidsemail Partner up- Making Kidsemail a Champion!

Kidsemail is all about kids and cyber safety right?  Of course we are.  Now Kidsemail is officially a supporter of National Cyber Security Awareness Month!  

We want every child who uses the internet to be as safe as we can ensure.  This is just one more step into that direction, providing safety ans peace of mind to kids and adults alike.

champion image


KidsEmail is paired with over 340 colleges, universities, companies, and government agencies providing public awareness in protecting our computers and our nations cyber infrastructure.  We are delighted to support and be involved in such a great cause.



 Click on the image above to learn more!

Lets all try and stay safer online!  Support National Cyber Security Awareness Month!


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“Snail Mail”- Go Write a Letter Today!

Have you heard of  “Snail Mail?”

I’m sure most of us have.  “Snail Mail” is the mail that comes to our mail box- not our email inbox, but that metal box attached to most houses or in a P.O. box.

At one point in time “snail mail” was one of the very few ways to communicate with someone who was far away.  Letters sometimes took days to weeks to months to arrive to its destination.

Thus the term “Snail Mail” was coined.  If you think about it, the anticipation of receiving a little letter in the mail is kind of romantic idea.

But this form of communication is dwindling… and it doesn’t need to!

While technology is a glorious part of our daily lives, keeping an old staple around is not a bad idea.

Have you ever hand written a letter and mailed it to a loved one?  Well if you have or haven’t try make it a goal to send a little note to your favorite person this week!

Here is a brief  how-to on writing a letter.


  • First, figure out who to write to.
  • Then find a piece of stationary that has visual beauty, or something fun, or simple.
  • Hand write a note or a full letter.
  • Place the letter inside the envelope.
  • Address the  envelope.  Place the receivers address in the center of the envelope.  Your address will be in the upper left corner.
  • Place a stamp on the upper right corner of the envelope.
  • Mail it!

The wonderful thing about sending a letter in the mail is you might get a response!  So keep an eye out and check your mail box.

Help keep the art of  letter writing alive.  Be creative and send that lucky person a handwritten note.  Go write and send a “snail mail” letter today!

Check out this “how to” video on writing a letter.


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Pley Giveaway

Ready for another great giveaway?

We all know how much kids LOVE playing with LEGO’s.  LEGO’s are great for kids to stay creative, build small motor skills, and stay busy for hours.  LEGO’s are a brilliant way for parents and children to spend quality time together.

LEGO sets can be expensive, and if most kids are like mine they want the biggest sets available.  Once the sets are built they tend sit on the shelf never to be built again.  Plus, some LEGO sets are nearly impossible to find.  So what can parents do to help with these issues?

 Pley has the solution for every parent out there who’s kids are huge LEGO enthusiasts.  Pley.com  allows you to rent LEGO sets for a great monthly price and with free shipping BOTH ways its a win win!  By setting up an account you and your child can together add as many sets to your queue as you’d like. Kids can choose what set to try, play their heart out, return the set, and then choose again!



Some of the amazing benefits of choosing Pley for your LEGO adventures include

  • First month is free
  • With plans as low as $15 a month its very affordable
  • Free shipping both ways
  • Enter as many sets in your queue as you’d like
  • A great way to reduce waste
  • Kids learn the concept sharing
  • Convenient
  • Save $Hundreds every year on toys




Click on the image to take a peek at the sets available!


With numerous sets to rent there is no limit to the hours of play with Pley!


 View the most commonly asked questions.  (scroll to the bottom of the page)

Now for the giveaway.  Enter the information below and you could win a 6 month Super Fan membership!  How cool is that?  Be sure to leave a comment on what your or your childs’ favorite LEGO set is!

And just for our blog readers, enter promo code Kids1 for a free month Super Fan trial free!  **this promo code is to get the first month of our Super Fan plan for free.  You can cancel, downgrade, or upgrade your Pley subscription during the free month at any time online.  After the free month you will still be enrolled in that plan for $25/month if you don’t cancel it.**


Click here to view this promotion.


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What is #Vamping and How Can a Parent Help Curb it?

We’re all guilty of it- stayed up too late looking at Social Media like Facebook or Instagram, putting off sleep just looking at post after post.  Those late night binges have a term called “vamping.”



“Vamping” is growing into such a widespread occurrence and parents should be concerned over its possible side effects.  Sleep deprivation, anxiety, mood changes,  and depression are just a few of the risks involved with being plugged in all the time, especially in the evenings and late into the night.

There are a few things parents can do to help with this issue.

  • Turn off the phone or computer an hour before bed.
  • Keep the devices away from the child while they are in bed.
  • Set time limits for phone or computer use.
  • Be an example.

This generation is the first ever to be raised with a smart device in hand.  As parent we’re just trying to figure this out one day at a time.  Kids need to power off in order to develop socially, mentally, and physically.  Try giving kids alternatives to the Social Media late nights like-

  • Reading a book
  • Playing card games or board games
  • Writing
  • Going for a bike ride or a walk
  • Having a conversation

vamping 1

Giving  kids boundaries and setting time limits will help ensure a healthy relationship with Social Media and smart devices.  Having balance is key in order to raise healthy kids.  So unplug and sleep well!

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Gain Better Skills With Technology

Lets admit it, we all love technology.  Most of us look forward to the latest and greatest phone, app, or computer model.  We spend so much of our time online socializing and shopping, learning and creating.


Technology’s not only fun to play with but it also helps us learn in so many ways.



Communication skills- we are able to communicate in ways like never before.  Messages that took weeks/months to cross the planet now take seconds.

Collaboration- Its incredibly simple now to be able to work on ideas and projects with others using technology. Sharing and growing ideas to achieve a greater end result can be done with so much more ease.

Social Interaction-  Our social lives have boomed since technology has taken an explosive step into our daily lives.  Staying connected to the ones we care most about is accessible and nearly effortless.

Technical Skills- With laptops, smart phones, and tablets, learning how to use devices has never been more simple.  Kids can navigate with ease and older generations are catching the tech bug in earnest.

Identity- Having an online identity has never been more important.  People are connecting for employment, relationships, and socially on a daily basis!


Its such a great time to be a techie!

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Kids Email Loves Great Reviews!

We’ve received a fantastic review of KidsEmail.

Jump over to Any Second Now  to read what they had to say about our kids friendly email service.


“I think that the kidsemail.org seems like a safe place for my daughter to go to and use.  The parent control features a great because I can manage who she can contact. I also like the fact it emails me when she is sending out and receiving emails.  The whole site is very easy to navigate for both myself and my daughter.”


We love hearing how much ya’ll love Kids Email.  If you’re interested in starting a worry free email account for your child your first month is completely free!


Try it for free!

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