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The world of social media surrounds our children. Kids are super curious and when they hear about a new site or tool they want to find out what it’s all about. It can be exciting for a child to enter into a social network. They are going to try things […]

Ask Your Kids Questions About Social Media

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A well-designed search engine for kids will have a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate, appeals to children of all ages and most importantly provides an environment where they can safely surf the internet. Search engines for kids are specifically designed to restrict the results returned from a child’s […]

Safe Search Engines for Kids

In order to be happy and healthy, exercise should be an important part of all our daily routines. Parents need it. Kids need it, too. But with the breakneck speed of life these days, who has the time? For many, finding time for fitness in a packed schedule can feel […]

Easy At-Home Exercises To Do With Your Kids

  …And you’re the captain of the team. One of the mental hurdles we have when thinking about our children’s security is imagining that someone out there would want to hurt them. So we sort of plod along as parents – thinking that there’s plenty of time for all that […]

Your Child’s Security is a Team Sport

  We all enjoy the feeling of being happy.  It would be nice to be happy all the time, but sometimes we don’t have control of it. Here are 10 tips to being more happy! These are great tips you can teach your children as well, as we can all […]

10 Tips to Be More Happy :)

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Most parents faced with this question today were in their late teens when they received their first cellphone. Consequently, it may be difficult to determine when is the best time to purchase or hand down a cellphone to their own child. I hope this primer will help you get closer […]

When Should Your Child Get Their First Cell Phone?

Spending time and effort to teach your kids the value of money, hard work, free fun and helping others will lead to effective way of introducing frugality into their lives, which will not only pay off financially in the future but will also be a great part of forming their […]

Creative Ways to Teach Your Kids to be Frugal

My kids are nestled on the couch—one has a Nintendo DS in his hands, the other an iPad. With the heat sweltering in the 90s and humidity so heavy it feels like a wet towel, there seems to be little hope to get them outside. Many parents feel the same […]

5 Ways to Motivate Your Kids to be Active

                  It’s time for Back to School! Here are 8 Handy tips to starting this year’s school year off right!   1. Sleep Schedule: About one and a half to two weeks before school starts, set your children’s sleep schedules back to […]

8 Tips to Start This School Year Off Right!

The beginning of the school year marks the introduction of bacterial infections and viruses that can keep our kids home and away from valuable learning time. Classrooms can be incubators for strep throat, upper-respiratory infections, and stomach bugs. While the flu can be tamed with an annual vaccination, attempting to […]

10 Back To School Tips To Keep Children Healthy