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Have you ever read a text or an online post and wondered “What does that mean?”

We’re talking about acronyms.  They’re EVERYWHERE!  And seriously… what do they mean?

Here is a  very short list, of a very long list, of techie acronyms.  Quiz yourself without cheating and see how you do!

1.  BFF

2.  BRB

3.  CYE

4.  DIY

5.  IDK

6.  ISO


8.  LOL

9. VBG

10.  YOLO

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Parenting vs. Online Invasion of Privacy

Internet accessibility is everywhere.  Children now carry a smart phone or have a computer/smart pad in their bedroom and are on those devices for extended amounts of time every day.  It is speculated that kids are spending an average of 44+hours a week online.  While technology is rapidly growing and its such an exciting time to raise children,  the dangers online are growing every day. 1 in 7 children receive online sexual solicitation, and 65% of online sex offenders use the victims social network to gain information about them (Statistics source).  Although there are risks to online use, kids have amazing tools to learn, create, and imagine- more so than any other generation before.

These technological advances bring with them an entire new dimension to parenting.  We hear it so often here at Kids Email- where is the line between invasion of privacy and just good parenting.

There are several questions every parent needs to ask themselves before giving their child a smart device or a computer.

  • Is access to the Internet a right or a privilege?
  • How open is the line of communication in your home?
  • Are your kids more tech savvy than the parent?
  • Are you willing to check histories on all devices?
  • Will there be a set time limit for internet use and device use?

Our opinion at Kids Email is this- when it comes to our children you can’t be too careful with online protection, and that means continually watching what our children are doing online. Internet use is a privilege, not a right,  and trust has to be developed over time.  This can be done with very strict rules and constant monitoring.   Discuss agreed upon rules and have a very open line of communication- letting the child know they can discuss anything they have seen online.


Parents also need to be aware of how to use every device in the home.  Knowing how to check the history, knowing what apps are being used, and knowing where the devices are at all times is crucial.  Parents need to try and stay one step ahead and educated in the dangers children face online.

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Some rules to consider are-

  • Passwords are shared between parent and child
  • Parents have the right to check any device at any time
  • Devices can be taken away at any time if rules are broken
  • Keep the main computer in a common area
  • Remember that your online footprint stays with you- so be careful what is shared
  • Never post personal information like an address or a  phone number

Monitoring children online is not an invasion of privacy but good parenting common sense.  When it comes to online activity, children do not need privacy but guidance.  This will lead to a positive online experience that will benefit them as they grow and venture into the world, with a sure footing on how to be responsible online.


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Fin Fun Giveaway


Untitled design (25)

Kids Email is doing another super fun giveaway for the summer.  Are you ready for this?  This is big!

Has your little girl ever dreamed about being a mermaid?  Swimming in the pool like Ariel?   Here’s your chance to make that happen for the little mermaid dreamer in your life.



Fin Fun is a great company- making beautiful mermaid fins for girls who dream of swimming with the dolphins and living the mermaid life.






7d683abe819ca0b3b7e356a31067ae64With a wide variety of colors to meet every girls needs, Fin Fun mermaid tails shimmer in the water like real scales with a realistic fin pattern, giving your little swimmer the appearance of a real tail.

Fin Fun is designed to place a monofin inside each tail, keeping the tail lifelike and sturdy, pushing your mermaid through the water like a real mermaid would.





Fin Fun tails are completely water friendly, so each real mermaid can swim to her hearts content.

Take a peek at their blog for more fun ideas and great color pages!

Go find Fin Fun on social media!

FB     Twitter   Pinterest   Instagram



Watch the video demo below…

Fin Fun is giving away

2 Mermaid Tails from their Mermaidens Collection


2 Monofins

Enter the giveaway information below and enter to win your little girl her dream come true!

Click here to view this promotion.


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3 Steps to Induce Science Curiosity in Kids

Summer is in full swing. The kids are most likely complaining of boredom and mom is pulling her hair out.  What to do?

Science doesn’t  have to be a boring classroom subject.  Stepping out into the back yard can bring an entire science lesson to life.  Or creating an afternoon treat in the kitchen can be a very tasy experiment.

Science is everywhere.  Like it or not our world is one big piece of everyday science.  Honing in on the natural curiosity that  kids have can bring a life long passion for our surroundings and how they work.

Add text (9)


There are 3 ways to get kids to become interested in all things science.

  1. Get out of their way.  Let kids touch, play, dig, explore the world around them.
  2. Share your own interests.  If you have a passion for cooking- share it.  If you have a passion for fixing car engines- share it.  Science comes in all forms and introducing kids to different avenues can be very  rewarding.
  3. Keep it as hands on as possible like getting dirty while planting a garden just adds to the experience.

There are many ways to explore and to become mini scientists.  Keep kids learning- even while on summer break. Encourage them to figure things out and to develop a passion for the world around them.



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Do You Really Need Chocolate?

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LearnPad and KidsEmail.org

Teachers have a great responsibility in educating our kids, both traditionally and with new and advanced technology.



LearnPad is the only tablet designed for education in mind.  Its secure and simple for teachers to customize content from the web.  LearnPad makes it easy for teachers to identify students and retrieve classwork easily and quickly providing real time views of each device from the web.



There is some exciting news with LearnPad -they have Kids Email in their app store for teachers!  Incorporating a safe email for their students while being able to monitor each student through their customizable student interface.


We are excited about expanding and being available to download on this tablet. You can find Kids Email in the Learn Pad store here. 


Give Kids Email a try.  Click on the picture below for a free one month trial!



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Dr. Laura Schlessinger Encourages Your Kids’ Online Safety By Using KidsEmail

Laura Encourages Parents to Keep Their Kids Safe Online by Using KidsEmail


Dr. Laura Schlessinger is one of the most popular talk show hosts in radio history, and has been offering no-nonsense advice infused with a strong sense of ethics, accountability, and personal responsibility for more than 30 years.  She is a bestselling author of 13 adult books and four children’s books, including “In Praise of Stay-at-Home Moms.”


Recognizing the difficulty parents face to protect their kids from cyberbullying, predators, vulgarity, spam, pornography and other Internet dangers.  Dr. Laura encourages parents to use KidsEMail to help safeguard their kids.  Here’s what she told us:

Dr Laura

The biggest threat for kids online these days is the kids themselves.  Parents are putting smart phones and unfettered Internet use in the hands of children who naturally do not have the life experience nor the self control to avoid problematic situations.  Children always test the limits and do not have the awareness to be concerned about consequences.  They will engage in highly inappropriate “conversations,” usually having to do with sex or harassment.  They will readily engage in the excitement of meeting “new people” (translation:  strangers) with ill intent.


Kids Email is an excellent tool for parents to use when playing an active role in keeping their kids safe from online dangers.  Having the tools to monitor email activity gives parents the means to protect their children from the myriad of worries and dangers that exist on the Internet. Since children will know in advance that their email activities will be monitored, they’ll probably be more circumspect about what they write.  This is a wonderful means of helping children develop self control and discipline to do the right thing.



“We are extremely excited that Dr. Laura recognizes how valuable a service like KidsEmail is in helping parents raise their children in a safe environment, “ says Jacob Anderson, Kids Email founder and CEO.  “It’s always been our mission to protect children while helping them learn about and enjoy technology in a safe environment.

Since its launch in 2009, Kids Email has received awards and recognition from organizations dedicated to the safety and well being of children.  Kids Email has been honored by the Family Review Center with its Seal of Approval, Editor’s Choice Award, and 2013 “Best of the Year” award. HowToLearn.com has also recognized KidsEMail as one of its Top 101 Best Back-to-School websites.  Kids Email has also been certified as a safe interactive environment for kids by the kidSAFE Seal Program. Kids Email now protects more than 45,000 children from Internet dangers.  To learn more about this award-winning safe email service for kids, parents can visit www.KidsEmail.org to sign up for a free 30 day trial.



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10 Safety Tips for Amusement Parks

The glory days of summer are upon us, and with the fun of summer also comes amusement park play time.  Millions of families will gather to these destinations for summertime memories and endless amounts of fun.   Kids of all ages (adults included) clammer to the high rides that splash, swoop, dive, and spin.  One key to making sure these adventures are fun for everyone is making sure that safety is implemented.  Here are 10 tips to keep safety a priority.



  1. Choose rides that are ideal for your child’s height and weight.  Don’t cheat the system – these guides are there for a reason.
  2. If a child is scared of a certain ride don’t force them to go on it.  Many injuries happen due to children trying to exit the ride or riding it improperly.
  3. Never ask a child to wait for you while you ride a ride without them.  There are too many things that could happen and that one ride isn’t worth the risk.  Always make sure there is an adult who can stay with a child.
  4. Designate a place to meet if you get separated.  Make sure the child knows exactly where this place is, visit it, and make sure the child knows what the parks employees look like.
  5. Make sure you know exactly what your child is wearing and their height and weight just in case you do get separated.  Take a quick picture before the fun begins so you have a current picture on you.
  6. Have children, especially small children, wear things like a whistle to draw attention to themselves if they need.
  7. Bring water and treats to keep hydrated and hungry tummies at bay.
  8. Make sure the rules to every ride are understood- especially where to keep hands and feet.
  9. SUNSCREEN!!!!
  10. Most of all…know your instincts.  If you are unsure- don’t do it.

Enjoy the summer season and soak up the amusement park experience.  Get spun and fly high on the rides while knowing everyone is safe and having the time of their lives!


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New Look for Kidsemail.org

KidsEmail has some news!

KidsEmail has a new look.  We’ve created a fresh new site to make your experience with KidsEmail better and smoother.  We still offer all of the same features we’ve offered before, and as always, our #1 goal is your child’s online safety.

 With these new changes KidsEmail is still here to serve your needs in keeping kids safer online.  Our goals are simple.  We Connect to loved ones, Educate in a safer environment, and Protect our kids from online dangers.

Untitled design (6)

We welcome you to visit the new site and tell us what you think!


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5 Reasons Parents Appreciate Kids Email

Lets face it. Parents are all for making sure their kids are safe.  They install the baby monitors, teach their kids to look both ways before crossing the street, and double check to make sure those helmets are snug on top of those little heads.

There is a whole new generation of techie parents trying to figure out how to keep kids safe while behaving online.  Toddles are able to watch youtube on a smart phone while their parents are out of the room.  Bigger kids are now owning their own phones and socializing on social media.

Untitled design (17)

Kids Email is an email service just for kids.  Its the answer for any parent who wants to keep children involved with online interaction, but in a safer environment.  Here are 5 reasons why parents appreciate Kids Email.

  1. Kids Email offers an ideal place for younger children to learn how to use an email service.  With being very user friendly, kids can easily send and receive emails without any difficulty.
  2. Kids Email can be catered to each individual child’s needs.  If there is 1 child or 5, Kids Email can be as strict or lenient according to each individual child in the home.  And with several templates to choose from, each kid can design their own look and feel for their account.
  3. With very easy enabling/disabling features, parents can approve or deny images, attachments,links, video, language, etc. offering piece of mind- knowing that the child is only receiving safe messages.
  4. A parent can approve or deny any email sent to the child via the mail queue and email a copy of incoming and outgoing messages to their parents.  And with time restrictions and a grounding feature, Kids Email can only be used during approved times.
  5. With a great Android app, Kids Email is portable and fun.  In the app there is a drawing pad and a camera, so the child can send personal hand written messages or pictures to approved recipients. The app also has a tracking device- allowing parents to check where the child has been and is currently.  Parents have the ability to manage the contact list through the contact manager and block individual senders.

Kids Email is the answer to every parents needs when it comes to teaching children the importance of online safety while teaching them how to utilize technology.  Give it a try today!


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