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  Mother’s Day is a holiday honoring motherhood that is observed in different forms throughout the world. This year it falls on Sunday, May 8th. What a perfect day to share with your Mom how much she means to you. You can tell her in a card, face to face […]

Email Your Mom for Mother’s Day

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When we signed on for this parenting gig, many of us knew that there would be long nights and struggles at some point. Children, all of them as a fact, come with their own set of unique challenges that can make our job of raising them incredibly difficult. For many of us, […]

What Resources are Available for Parents of a Special Needs ...

Getting children interested into the wonderful world of letters, words, and sentences is a difficult job. As a mother of three daughters, I used an entire range of tricks to encourage my daughters to read. This started from an early age, because I was adamant they share in on the world I […]

7 Ways You Can Encourage Your Kids to Read~Guest Post

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  Summer is right around the corner and we want to give you the gift of keeping your kids connected this summer! We are giving away a Kindle Fire & 1 Year to Kids Email! That way your kids can keep in contact with family and friends all summer!   […]

Kindle Fire & Kids Email Summer Giveaway

An 11-year old girl downloaded Instagram and began uploading pictures and collecting followers.  The more followers she gained, the more liked she felt.  She was a really good girl, easy to parent, followed the rules, sweet and kind to others. Innocent but exposed in public to any predator who happened […]

Frienedy is an Ideal Place for Parenting and Social Media ...

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  It’s been awhile since we have done a Giveaway! We are offering 2 lucky followers to get 1 Year of Kids Email AND a $25 Amazon Gift Card! Kids Email provides your children with safe e-mail – No ads, no spam, and choose who can contact your child and […]

Kids Email Giveaway

Cyberbullying!  (1)
Bullies no longer depend on intimidating stature or muscular strength; their terror reigns omnipresent on the web and leaves nowhere for victims to hide. How can parents detect cyberbullying and whether or not children are falling prey to online attacks? To raise awareness about cybersecurity and elevate resiliency in case […]

Insidious Internet: How to Delete Cyberbullying

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    Parenting has changed drastically in the past decade. Instead of dinner bells ringing children home, they now have cell phones. Social media has become an obsession and a favorite past time. As technology changes, parenting needs to change as well. Trying to keep your child safe in the […]

Parenting in the Social Media Age: How to Keep Your ...

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You’ve just read another post about how happy she is. Oh look.  She went on another vacation. He just got a new house. They just bought a new car. We’ve all read those posts on social media where the life of others seems prefect.  Life looks so perfect peering into […]

Green with Envy. Why is Social Media Causing Us ...

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With social media in the hands of so many young kids and adolescence, sometimes their inner most thoughts are easy to publish online… which is the LAST place it should be.   A vent, a sadness, an overjoyed moment, a spoken crush, and a weak split second of uncertainty, so […]

Dear Social Media, You Are Not My Diary