Affordable Education just makes cents.   VIDEO:  What is Educents? Educents is an online marketplace for affordable educational products, providing daily deals to students, parents and educators by working with established educational suppliers to negotiate amazing educational resources at the absolute best price! Why is Educents right for YOU? Educents cares […]

Affordable Education just makes cents.

9 positives about the internet 2
The Internet tends to get a bad reputation, and rightly so in most of the cases. Online bullying, pornography, identity theft, and various crimes can be blamed on our access to information and connecting with others online. While these types of instances can be rare, they can be incredibly terrifying. […]

9 Positives about the Internet

back to school 2
It’s here. The most wonderful time of the year, or not.  Which is it? Back-to-school is upon us, bringing back early mornings and routine, homework and sports, carpools and music lessons, which may or may not be a welcome sigh of relief. Depending on who you ask, this time of year […]

Ring the Bell! 9 Tips to Make the Back-to-School ...

  Our friends at the World’s Longest Water Bottle are offering 2 of our readers to get their very own Hot or Cold Comfort Bottle for free! We had our very own Kids Email kids test it out, and they thought it was pretty cool! First we filled it with cool […]

Hot or Cold Comfort Giveaway- Closed

KidsEmail can be found on the CNK ClickN Kids Tablet 2 device. The KidsEmail app is pre-loaded on the ClickN Kids Tablet and ready to be used in keeping your kids safe while using e-mail. We at KidsEmail love the ClickN Kids Tablet because it offers great parental control features […]

Click N Kids and KidsEmail

Here at Kids Email, we are excited to be working with VISR to increase online safety for kids. Did you know, that you can now add Kids Email as a channel in your VISR account and you’ll receive alerts about any problematic communication they find. You can now try out […]

How to add Kids Email to your VISR account

staycation info
Trying to cut back on expenses but want to have a vacation this summer?  Or time is just running out to plan your summer trip?  There could be several reasons your summer vacation isn’t happening this year, but don’t loose hope! The answer could be in a ‘staycation.’ Whether you […]

Staycation- the Vacation at Home

Was it bound to happen?  Having 4 kids, each with their own tablets, I was bound to find something inappropriate on one of them. When I bought my kids’ tablets, I went through the parental controls point-by-point and created passwords specific to each tablet- making sure each child wouldn’t be […]

Epic Fail- the Image was in the Cloud.

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  Goal Planning is something that is brought up time and time again. But when was the last time you sat down with your child and taught them this important skill? Kids can make goals too. From simple to complex, they help all of us become better people and achieve […]

Goal Planning for Kids

4th of july (1)
Kidsemail would like to wish you a splendid 4th of July! Enjoy the day celebrating our country and all that we have!

Happy 4th of July