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Social media, in all its forms, is present in almost every teen’s life today.  Just like hanging out at the mall or video arcade when I was young, social media fills the social need of our teens today.  While there are several positive aspects to social media today (instant information […]

How Do You Help Your Social Media Active Teen?

Homeschooling kids from home is a goal for many families.  But affording the curriculum along with other expenses of raising a family can be challenging. Luckily Family Magazine’s 2015 coupon book has money saving coupons for both homeschoolers and online curriculum, along with worksheets and articles to help your money […]

Homeschool Coupon Book- FREE

As Seen On
Recently we sat down with Jeff Bradbury from TeacherCast to chat about the benefits of using Kids Email. Want information on how to set-up an account and the great features? You can check out our interview here:  TeacherCast provides an environment for educators to have access to resources for Professional Development. […]

TeacherCast App Spotlight Featuring KidsEmail

I think most everyone can think of one or two teachers they’ve had who went above and beyond what a teacher is required to do.  I’ve had two personally that really stick out in my mind.  One was my band teacher.  I had him for 6 years so I really […]

Touching VIDEO. We Love Our Teachers!

As the average age of a first mobile device increases and the number of social tools our kids use to connect increases, us parents are often left scratching our heads when it comes to keeping our children safe online. Today the average age for a first mobile device is 13, according […]

Increasing the Digital Safety Net Beyond Email

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KidsEmail is excited to announce an Instagram photo challenge.  Starting May 1st through the 14th there will be a single word challenge to photograph daily.  There will be prizes awarded to 3 lucky winners who’ve participated the most.  It should be a ton of fun!  Be creative and let the […]

Instagram Photo Challenge

Earth Day 2015
Here are some great ideas on how to celebrate Earth Day- thank you Pinterest for being so awesome!  So grab your kids and learn about our planet and how to take care of it! 1.  Seed Bomb video tutorial.  2. Toe Paint Caterpillar Project. 3. Earth Day Cookies. 4.  Read!  A […]

10 Things to do on Earth Day

Have you delved into the realm of a great podcast yet?  Or are you asking ‘what’s a podcast?’ Think of the era not too long ago- pre Netflix and smart devices, when the radio shows from the 1940’s and 50’s brought families together, gathering ’round the big box which boomed […]

10 Family Friendly Pod Casts

“Oh, the noise, noise, noise!” The phrase from How The Grinch Stole Christmas by Dr. Seuss is the perfect example of living with a teen. Whether it is the thumping bass from his stereo, heated debates about curfew, or slamming bedroom doors–there is a high probability that somewhere your teen […]

Teen Privacy- Guest Post and an Infographic