E-mail Santa
It’s that time of year to start writing letters to Santa! If you want to get your message quickly to Santa – use Kids Email to send your wish list this year! Simply use Kids Email to send in your letter or wish list and you’re automatically entered to win […]

Use Kids Email to Email Santa

7 tips email (1)
Its a rite of passage, like your child’s first sleep over or walking home from school without help- at some point your kids will ask for and need an email account.  But with an email account comes a how-to on proper do’s and don’t’s on sending out emails.  Just like […]

7 Tips to Teach Your Kids About Email.

We are excited to share with you THE Protection Package for Digital Kids. We have partnered with some great companies to provide you the ultimate protection package to help in keeping your kids safe online. You can get each of these awesome products at a great discount (or even free) […]

THE Protection Package for Digital Kids

mom dates
By the time my husband and I were ready to have kids, I personally wanted to make sure each child we brought into our home had quality one-on-one time with me, their mom. Knowing each child as an individual was a priority, not only for my own relationship with them […]

Mom Dates- The Quality Time You May Need With Your ...

Keeping Kids Connected
  Children of divorce face different challenges that other kids don’t have. Kids of divorce travel between homes and spend extended time with each parent between visits. For children, divorce can be very stressful and sad. At any age, kids may feel uncertain about how things will work when mom […]

Keeping Children of Divorce Connected

media literacy
If a student is not fluent in multiple forms of media, I would venture to say that they won’t necessarily be considered literate. -Nichole Pinkard, Founder Digital Youth Network   What is media literacy? Media literacy is the ability to access, evaluate, analyze, act, communicate and create using all forms […]

Media Literacy and KidsEmail

This weeks winner-Abby (1)
  What are you thankful for? We want to know! Take a moment to login to your KidsEmail account and use the drawing pad to draw us a picture of what you are thankful for. If you don’t have a Kids Email account, you can sign up for free here. […]

Drawing Pad Contest – What are you Thankful For?

fall bucket list
Its fall ya’ll!  Kidsemail would like to wish you the best fall yet!  Make it count by doing things you love, and maybe try to make a bucket list- checking off each item as you go!  We’ve made one to share with you (printable in the link under our image) […]

It’s Fall Ya’ll! Fall Bucket List with a Printable

Stopbullying1 2
  Has your child ever participated in bullying or been a victim of bullying? Odds are they have seen a classmate being teased or harassed. Kids can play an important role in helping those who are being bullied. Here are some things you can teach your children in regards to bullying: […]

Teaching Kids to Help Victims of Bullying

child is the bully
The statistics are staggering.  1 in 7 kids are either a bully or being bullied (according to MBNBD ) and no parent wants to hear the words “your child is a bully” but unfortunately, some of us do hear those very words. So how do we catch the behavior before it […]

My Child Is A Bully!