My Child Is A Bully!




The statistics are staggering.  1 in 7 kids are either a bully or being bullied (according to MBNBD ) and no parent wants to hear the words “your child is a bully” but, unfortunately, some of us hear those words.  What do we do from there?  Where do we start?

The good news is your child is not broken, but the behavior does need to change.  Some simple steps can help you and your child overcome the issue and move forward in a positive way.

  • Set an example of showing respect, empathy, and compassion.  Its difficult for kids to understand how others feel so showing them through example can be an important step into gaining an appreciation for others and the feelings of those around us.
  • Be an active parent.  Know who your child is friends with and what kind of activities they do.  Be involved in your child’s life and listen to them and their side of the story.  They have fears and concerns too and validating those can be very helpful in gaining control over a bullying issue.
  • Have very clear expectations and consequences and follow through.  The child should know exactly what will happen if they bully and that there is never any tolerance for such behavior.
  • Teach positive ways to reduce anger or tension.  These can be as simple as a time out on their bed, playing ball outside, or screaming into a pillow- anything other than bullying. Reducing any kind of violence in the home via television or video games can help tremendously.
  • Give positive encouragement.  This behavior may take some time to change and staying positive will be more receptive than punishment.
  • Have your child make amends for their act.  Apologize, send emails, have a conflict mediator present, or whatever actions need to be made to make the situation right.
  • Seek professional help.  Sometimes the issue is bigger than a parent can handle alone.  There is never any shame in seeking help from the child’s doctor, principle, teacher, or a bullying prevention class.

Keeping our kids accountable for their actions and listening to their concerns while having a positive outlook can help with bullying.  But, if the situation needs an intervention with a professional in order for the situation to be resolved, then act now.  Bullying is not a light matter, but it can get better.




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How Do You Pick the Perfect Pumpkin?

Its close to Halloween and when you don’t have a Fairy Godmother to pick out the most ideal pumpkin for your needs, picking out the right pumpkin can seem dauntingly haunting.  Whether you choose to go to a pumpkin patch or to your local grocery store, with the right tricks you can figure out what orange gourd will suit your porch steps.  Trying a few of these handy dandy tips will get you the best pumpkin for your Halloween fun.

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~The Pumpkin should feel heavy and solid.  Even if the pumpkin is smaller make sure it feels heavier than it should.

~Underneath the pumpkin should not feel mushy or have any give when you put pressure on it.

~The coloring of your pumpkin should be equal throughout.

~Look for mold, wrinkles, and cuts on your pumpkin.  Avoid these defects.

~If the stem is green and firmly attached, its fresh!

Now that you’re ready for a family adventure in selecting your next jack-o-lantern, brew up some spiced cider and have the best Halloween yet!


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Be Kind- Pass it on!

It only takes a kind word. A smile. A small gesture of appreciation.

Being kind is such a simple act. Its easy to do and it can make the biggest difference.

Today is the day to be kind to someone. Say hello to a stranger or talk to an old friend. I promise it’ll make their day!

So pass on the act of kindness because you never know who is fighting a tough battle today.

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October is Bully Prevention Month.  Please talk to your children about being kind to their classmates and neighbors.

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National Cyber Security Awareness Month

Cyber Security Awareness

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The Three Categories of Bullying

 There is never a reason for a child to suffer through bullying.  Educate yourself on the signs of bullying and how to prevent it.

3 categories bullying

Sign our pledge and take a stand.  Together we can all put a stop to bullying.

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Bully Prevention Month

October is Bully Prevention Month. Kids Email will be posting all month long on the importance of putting a stop to this dangerous epidemic.

At the bottom of this page we would encourage you to print off the pledge, sign it, and live it.

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I pledge to help stop bullying by1.  Not (1)

Print our Pledge and have everyone in your family sign it.  Take bullying seriously.  With your help the abuse can stop.




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Green with Envy. Why is Social Media Causing Us to be so Jealous?

You’ve just read another post about how happy she is.

Oh look.  She went on another vacation.

He just got a new house.

They just bought a new car.

We’ve all read those posts on social media where life seems prefect.  Life looks so perfect peering into the lives of our Facebook friends.  Why can’t we have that?  Why can’t I have that perfect vacation?  Why why why?



Green with envy



One study out of  Germany says that  having an active social media interaction can cause jealousy.

Green with envy 2



Since the dawn of online socializing we’ve been putting our best faces forward.  Maybe over exaggerating the positive making our lives seem much more interesting.  What we should realize while looking at our social media accounts is that everyone else is making their lives much more interesting as well.

Take a break from social media.  Maybe limit yourself to maybe a 1/2 hour every day, then walk away.

Try to realize that most people only post the really really good or the really really bad.  The social media persona that’s presented is just a PART of the person- not the entire package.

Photos can be edited and can be done very well.  What you see isn’t always what’s really going on.

Real life friendships are much more worthy of our emotions than a “friend” on FB.  Ask yourself how good of a “friend” you are with the FB friends on your feed.  Hide or delete those who are obnoxious and try cultivate your real life friendships.

In the end, whatever avenue of social media you prefer, we’re all just putting our best face forward.   Keeping up with the Jones’  has been a part of the human experience way before the first Tweet-but keeping the green eyed jealously bug in check can keep our online interaction with others in better balance.




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Fall Bucket List

Fall is in the air and with the change of season comes Halloween, pumpkins, and sweater weather.  Make fall fun with a bucket list.  Copy ours or create your own.  Cross off each item as you complete them and have a great fall!!!!!!



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Teens and Stress in the Digital Era

This current generation of teens are dealing with an entirely new form of stress.  While every teen has dealt with stress since the modernization of society, like what to wear, who to hang out with, gossip, dating, juggling extra curricular activities, jobs, etc., today’s teen now has to deal with digital stress.

There are several factors in dealing with digital stress.  Almost every teen has a phone- estimates up to 78%, and a social media profile of all connected kids reaches up to 81%.




Digital stress can come in many forms.  Before giving any teen a phone or a smart phone, consider the following..

*Identity Theft.  We tend to think of this in terms of credit cards, but identity theft can affect your teen.  Keeping our digital footprint secure can prevent others from easy access to our social media lives.  Impersonating us through our smart devices can cause immediate and long term damage.  With a few precautions this can be avoided.

*Never share passwords with anyone, best friends or siblings included. The user and a parent should be the only ones who know     the password.

* Keep track of privacy settings, especially regarding images.   Update these settings often.

*  Be aware of your environment while entering a password.  Make sure no one is watching.

*  Cyber bullying is a great cause for concern.  An open line of communication is mandatory for your teen to be safer online.  Make sure your teen knows how to “block” certain people and set specific guidelines for whats acceptable to post and text.  Make sure the teen knows to report inappropriate interactions to an adult.

*  Show moderation.  When your teens phone buzzes with a new incoming message it doesn’t need to be responded to immediately.  Let them know there are times to put the phone and computer away and take a break, especially at night.   The email or text or post will be there in the morning and can be taken care of at an appropriate time.

*  Be an example.  If a parent is setting rules for their teen, they should follow similar rules.  Make sure to show moderation in digital use and be open for communication.

Being a teen is one of the hardest things we go through.  Kids need guidelines, and more so now in this digital age. Lowering the stress level digitally will help them focus on more important tasks.

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Staysafeonline and Kidsemail Partner up- Making Kidsemail a Champion!

Kidsemail is all about kids and cyber safety right?  Of course we are.  Now Kidsemail is officially a supporter of National Cyber Security Awareness Month!  

We want every child who uses the internet to be as safe as we can ensure.  This is just one more step into that direction, providing safety ans peace of mind to kids and adults alike.

champion image


KidsEmail is paired with over 340 colleges, universities, companies, and government agencies providing public awareness in protecting our computers and our nations cyber infrastructure.  We are delighted to support and be involved in such a great cause.



 Click on the image above to learn more!

Lets all try and stay safer online!  Support National Cyber Security Awareness Month!


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