It’s time for Back to School! Here are 8 Handy tips to starting this year’s school year off right!   1. Sleep Schedule: About one and a half to two weeks before school starts, set your children’s sleep schedules back to appropriate times, so they get a good night’s sleep […]

8 Tips to Start This School Year Off Right!

Looking through most social media feeds, we’re bombarded with posts from “friends” showing off the latest vacation.  We also see “check-in’s” where the poster will check- in at various locations. The danger with posting current pictures or “checking-in” can be a perfect formula for theft.  When a status on social […]

Can Oversharing on Social Media Welcome a Thief?

Even though summer is still in full swing, it’s time to start getting supplies together and to be ready once school starts! We are giving away this awesome Prize Pack full of Back to School Supplies worth over $100!   Prize Pack Includes: Mr. Sketch Scented Markers Crayola Erasable Colored […]

Back to School Giveaway!

It can be hard to constantly monitor what your child is doing online. If you’re always stressed about your child’s activity, not only is it bad for you, but you could limit your child’s vital learning about how to use important technology. In our increasingly digital world, the more a […]

Four Signs in Kids That Can Indicate Unsafe Online Behavior

There are so many terrifying statistics relating to online safety for children that it’s difficult to choose which to begin this article with. Do I go for the fact that one in three children has been a cyberbullying victim? Or do I point out that 90% of kids over eight […]

Keeping your Children Safe Online: Ten Essential Tips

If you find that your kids are asking to borrow money from you or begging for a raise in their allowance, it is probably a great time to teach them about the joys of being an entrepreneur. Of course, children who are content with their monetary situation can still benefit […]

4 Ways to Teach Your Child About the World of ...

  Summer is one of our favorite seasons, so we thought it would be fun to do a summer giveaway! Enter for your chance to win over $100 in prizes including: Unicorn Pool Float 12 Fidget Spinners Chalk Bungee Boing Buncho Balloons Water Balloons Your kids will be excited to […]

Kids Email Summer Giveaway – Value over $100!

These days, there’s no denying that we live in a very high-tech world. Even our children spend hours a day accessing the internet from smartphones, tablets, and home computers. Bark recommends a technology contract as a terrific way to bring the family together to create and understand the rules around […]

Create a Technology Contract With Your Child

Getting regular daily exercise is of course a fantastic thing because it is the number one way to stay fit and healthy. The problem with many types of exercise is that they force you to do them alone and they don’t work well in team settings. Sure, you can lift […]

8 Benefits of Team Sports That Will Have You Teaming ...

“If you really loved me…” That is what led twelve year old Michaela Snyder to engage in sexting with her crush who was also in the same grade. The boy was issuing threats that he would end the relationship if she didn’t send him intimate pictures. After talking with her peers and […]

Starting the Conversation- Sexting and Your Teen. Guest Post ...