This holiday season, millions of children will be dreaming of receiving this year’s top tech gadgets that they’ve placed on their wish list. If you’re one of the millions of parents who will be purchasing one of these gifts this year, it’s important that you prepare yourself before going out […]

Planning to Gift Your Child a Digital Device This Season? ...

Here at Kids Email we have been using Jive in our office and have been loving being on a Voip System. Jive is running a limited time offer for a free Brookstone® Encore Bluetooth® Headset in exchange for a quick demo of Jive’s business phone system and we wanted to share this […]

Free Brookstone Headset for a demo with Jive

Teaching children how to be responsible isn’t just something that will benefit you in terms of giving you a child or teenager who is happy to carry out chores and doesn’t complain. It will also benefit the child because as they grow older this life skill will help them to […]

How To Teach Children Responsibility

It’s important to always be learning and improving in your job, or you risk falling behind and never reaching your full potential. To stay competitive in your field and career, it’s a wise idea to be committed to sharpening your professional skills.  The reality is that you need to be […]

How To Sharpen Your Professional Skills

As your kid transitions from child to teenager, they — and you for that matter — experience a whirlwind of change. As their personalities and lifestyles undergo these changes, so should their bedroom.  Completing a makeover to your teen’s bedroom will help to better reflect their growth and accommodate their […]

5 Tips To Transform Your Teen’s Bedroom into a Space ...

When a family member passes away, all you want to do is hide away and mourn. Unfortunately, however, as the age-old saying goes, life goes on. You might want to shut down and grieve, but there are still important things that must be done at this time to ensure that […]

3 Steps to Take After a Death in the Family

33% of college students drop out of school and never return. While there are many reasons for this, a whopping 54% said it was because they couldn’t balance school and work. Creating a study plan is an important part of succeeding at school, whether you’re in elementary school or about to […]

How to Create a Study Plan That ACTUALLY Works

As a parent, there are certain investments that you should make to benefit both your and your children’s lives. In other words, there are items – you could even consider them life hacks – that will make your daily tasks easier. The specific items we are talking about here will […]

Essential Investments Every Parent Needs

The winter is a great season when it comes to fashion and looking your best. Big winter coats, knitwear and boots are all key components of a stylish winter wardrobe but accessories also play a key role. There are many great winter accessories to consider which can add style and […]

Great Winter Accessories That You Can’t Live Without

As a single mom, you are constantly juggling responsibilities. It may sometimes feel like your to-do list is never complete, which is why you require systems and resources that provide support. With advanced technology, you can get the help you need to handle the daily logistics and live a healthy, […]

Essential Home Technology for Single Moms