It’s that time of year where great deals are abound, and for the first time ever we decided to offer a temporary price cut on Kids Email!   You can now get safe email for your kids for an entire year for only $12! Head over to Educents now to […]

Special Holiday Offer from KidsEmail

Thanksgiving isn’t just about eating as much turkey and potatoes that we can. We have put together a Fun Thanksgiving Facts sheet that you can print off!     Fun Thanksgiving Facts by Brit on Scribd

Fun Thanksgiving Facts – Free Printable

According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD), baby teeth are vulnerable to tooth decay from their very first appearance, between 6 and 12 months. Get ahead of your child’s oral hygiene in 3 simple steps. Teach Tools, Technique and Time Most children learn by copying. From an early […]

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Do’s and Don’t For Supporting a Gifted Child It’s a wonderful feeling, knowing your child is gifted. They’re intelligent, they’re quick to learn new things, they’re curious about the world around them, and they do well on school assignments without really trying. However, sometimes these advanced children get ahead of […]

How to Support an Intellectually Gifted Child at Home and ...

Children by nature are impulsive and self-focused. Just like they have to be taught to read, write, and calculate, kids also need to be taught how to manage their emotions. The popular catch phrase for this is Emotional Intelligence. Simply put, emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize one’s own […]

How to Raise an Emotionally Intelligent Child

Navigating the cell phone issue with your children is a tricky one. According to the PewResearchCenter, around 88 percent of teenagers in America have a smartphone. It usually starts off with the ability to access favorite apps via Wi-Fi, and it goes on from there, progressing from a cell phone to a […]

Taking Charge of Your Children’s Data Usage

College is the time for meeting lifelong friends, expanding your mind, and creating unforgettable memories. During this personal era of self-growth, a college student runs into some growing pains. Good thing we’re in modern times and college students have the internet. This list will hopefully help many colleges students looking […]

Best Budgeting Apps for College Students

How do you imagine the future of your child? You would give anything to see them growing up into an independent, successful individual. Most of everything, you would want them to be happy. If you do your best to raise a happy child, you’ll set them on the right track […]

Seven Effective Ways to Raise a Happy Child

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so in addition to taking some time to familiarize yourself with the facts of breast cancer, the topic of cancer may come up with you and your child. Though parents want to shield their children from unavoidable (and unfortunate) truths for as long as […]

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What were some of your favorite childhood memories? For many of us, we might answer with days spent outside, camping in the backyard, riding bikes, building forts, watching Saturday morning cartoons, or playing pick-up games of ball with our friends. We occupied our time hanging out at a friend’s house […]

Technology vs.Nature – Why Outdoor Activities Are Essential for Kids